More on iPhone Photography (4 photos)

Laura Macky Photography

While I love taking photos with my camera(s), there’s something about iPhone photography that’s such fun! I think it’s because I really don’t expect too much from them and they don’t take a long time to edit. Plus, I don’t always have my camera when out and about, so in a pinch the iPhone becomes the recorder of memories and sometimes…just sometimes I end up with something resembling an artful rendition of what I saw.

Lots of people load their regular DSLR pictures on Instagram, but I decided I wanted a place to look at all my iPhone pictures at once so I’ve dedicated my Instagram feed to iPhone photography only. What’s important to me to share is that I edit those photos on the iPhone and never import them to my computer. I love the challenge of editing photos on the phone. There are several apps I use usually…

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