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Gymnastics Hair: A Retrospective

Gymnastics Hair: A Retrospective

The Gymternet

As each Olympic cycle comes to a close and a new quad begins, new trends emerge. Not only do we see a shift in routine construction, whether it be the back to back tumbling passes of the late 1980s or 2015’s Year of the Wolf (Turn), we also get the pleasure of witnessing the gymnastics community’s interpretation of current fashion, hair and makeup styles. When all you’ve got is a leotard, it can be difficult to let your personality show through, but these ladies didn’t let that stop them from making a statement. Join us as we reminisce on the most popular hairstyles in women’s gymnastics, from early days of the sport all the way through the glitz and glamour of today!

The Bouffant, 1964-1968

Ah yes, the mid 60s…nothing like doing gymnastics with your Jackie O bouffant gloriously perched atop your teased crown. This look was the original business…

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More on iPhone Photography (4 photos)

Laura Macky Photography

While I love taking photos with my camera(s), there’s something about iPhone photography that’s such fun! I think it’s because I really don’t expect too much from them and they don’t take a long time to edit. Plus, I don’t always have my camera when out and about, so in a pinch the iPhone becomes the recorder of memories and sometimes…just sometimes I end up with something resembling an artful rendition of what I saw.

Lots of people load their regular DSLR pictures on Instagram, but I decided I wanted a place to look at all my iPhone pictures at once so I’ve dedicated my Instagram feed to iPhone photography only. What’s important to me to share is that I edit those photos on the iPhone and never import them to my computer. I love the challenge of editing photos on the phone. There are several apps I use usually…

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